Our association is trying also to participate on public different happenings. In the time we are doing this we have met many satisfied clients and here you can find some of them


At the end of july you might seen us on CountryFest in Jaslovské Bohunice. We have prepared small boardgaming haven, for people with hole in their program.

More about this event can be found on it's website, or facebook


Unicon was a great event in Trnava, that we enjoyed very much. Main event here was the LAN party but as side events you can meet youtubers, cosplayers, try out Console retro gaming room and of course we brought some boardgames and wargaming tournament.
We are also going to participate on next Unicon in february 2017!

You can find more about event at it's fcebook page

Sun festival

Last summer we have attended at Sun festival in Senec. In this particular case it was an festival of theatre and and you could saw there many theatrical groups ranging from theatre for children up to allternative street theatrical groups.
You can find us there again this year at 9.9.2016 - 10.9.2016

You can find more about Sun festival at their website

Hire us!

If you are looking for someone to make some secondary program at your event or organizing teambuilding and looking for professionals to prepare activities for your employees, send us an e-mail.

Trnavský piknik

Gaming Keep is attending Trnavský piknik every year since its creation. This happening is organised by city Trnava and it's civil associations, witch deploy their stands on some pleasing place and they enjoy food, drinks, musich, theater and other forms of active relax
Since the start of this event we did not miss a one and we will be on the next one as well!

You can find more about this happening at it's facebook page.

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