In this section you can find some documentation about some of successfull projects created by members of Gaming Keep. If you have some idea, do not hesitate and ask us. We also appreciate any feedback, what you like, and what we can do better

PSI: paranormal scientific investigations

Projekt PSI started in ancient times of 2011, when Ivan created RPG system playing mysterious detective stories inspired by series x-files and factor psi. After exhausting year long campaign played in Brno and Galante, about a year later started second campaign, described with words lazyness and heresy. That is why tere are nearly no reports of this games (and will never be!).

At this time, we just started third campaign, this time inspired by H.P.Lovecraft mythos and series True detective. If you are interested in more info about this game, look at this subdomain (slovak only) dedicated to this game

Hole in Cronus system

In years 2014/15 it did happen in Gaming Keep that we successfully finished a beautiful warhammer 40.000 campaign. Campaign taken place in Cronus system, where suddenly opened tear in materium. It was impossible to miss this event and system was immediatelly invaded by many quickly assembled alliances. Campaign was slowly escalating from small recon missions up to great apocalypse battles. In the and everything ended happilly and Imperium as well as Galaxy survived. Worst case was Cronos system itself, that was left devastated by unchained tyranid horde,that overthrow their necron masters. If you want to play this campaing, soon you will find all needed materials here.

Pointless system

Greedo's first RPG takes us to the far future of year 1992. Of course it is an alternative reality. Alternative a lot. Your character can be Android, Space lizard, Pterodaktyl or even Cosmic monkey. Set off to journey through retro universe, visit one of the seven planets or lonley bar on Ceres. Possibilities are endless. 'Endsome' are only remaining mayonaise reserves

Arena of death and Kill teams

Arena of death and Kill teams are smallest Warhammer tournament formats. They are quick, personal and army can be quickly and relativelly cheaply assembled. That is also one reason why both of them were played in many iterations.

Three worlds

for this year's RPG iron chef. we prepared some crispy hack&slash wargame Tree worlds (slovak only). In this RPG you are controlling party of three heroes that are unable to help their world and therefore they need to help each other. Will they interrupt dark plan of vampire lords?

Warning this game is just an beta version and nobody should play it... ever.

Underhive peacemaker Patrol

Blog containing short stories generated by narative campaign played in Necromunda game. Main characters are enforcers, police forces fighting in the underhive with organised gangs, but also with mutants, heretics and traitors of imperium. More about them you can read at blog.

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