Periodic Events

In Gaming Keep some actions we organize more-or-less periodically. You are welcome on all of them!

Friday tea at five'o'clock

At friday we are meering in more intimate atmosphere. Everyone is tired and we are not into hard core gaming. We are more interested in some tasty beverage and chat about events of last seven days.

If you are interested more into talking than action, friday tea evening is event for you. Friday tea takes place officially from five to nine-o-clock, but often we stay till late night hours.

Saturday open gaming

At saturday we open our gates to all gamer visitors. Saturday evenings are focused more into gaming, so if you want to play some more complex game, this is the right day of week

As well as Friday tea evening, Saturday open gaming takes place from five to nine-o-clock, but again, we don't take opening hours very seriusly

El Boardel

El Boardel is our infamous format and, to be honest, we did organise El Boardels even before Gaming Keep was formed. At El Boardel, we are taking games to our allied coffes and bars to play something in new environment with new people. After more than year, we have got a new offer and El Boardel is going to be back soon. To stay informed about this (and other) we recomend you to subscribe into our newsletter.

Quiz night

In quiz if you have nothing to lose, only candies to win, to excercise your memory is always fun. We already did some quiz nights. Classical school tests, picture quiz, even a musical quiz. We organize quiz nights usually once per month or two. Do not miss it!

Painting workshops

Circa once per month people bring their painting equipment do Gaming Keep and they paint together. We sit, show new models to each other, learn new techniques and we simply enjoy this cooperative work. If you want to join us, do not hesitate and come.

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