Social hub

In Gaming Keep, we are organizing tea evenings every friday and saturday. Everyone is welcome to just sit and chat or play some boardgame with friends.

Come to the underground and enjoy your weekend with us, not just wasting your time. We have cookies!

Board games

Members of Gaming Keep hoarded a brathtaking collection of board games. You can come and play any one, or even all, of them, if you want.

If you are not sure about difficulty of game or you need someone to explain it's rules, our staff is there always there to give you an advice or play the game with you.

Become a member!

Show us your support by becoming a member of Gaming Keep. Membership provides you with lots of non-public actions, extended access and cheaper entries. Being an active member of comunity can be later honoured by granting an key member status with full member benefits and responsibilities.

For more details about membership and benefits, ask any key member of Gaming Keep or send us an email

Art and culture

In Gaming Keep you can also participate on workshops. You can learn how to better paint, sculpt and create miniatures from scratch

There are also local tournaments, quizes, movie nights and other cultural events, that you can enjoy with us.

Be our sponsor!

Gaming Keep is a non-profit organisation kept alive only by member and guest voluntary income. We are looking for a sponsor. If yur company wants to support us, please, send us an email or contact a key member for more information.


Come and experience (nearly) real battle. There are many forces and some immersing battlefields to choose from, assemblied andd painted by Gaming Keep members

We can also teach you how to play wargames and make stunning miniatures from selecting parts, assembly, painting up to final presentation.

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